Secalot firmware is updatable.
Once new features are introduced or bug fixes are made, new firmware binary images are made available on the Downloads page.

To perform firmware updates please use the Secalot Control Panel app.

Before updating the firmware, please complete the general setup instructions for your operating system, as described here.
Please refer to this article on how to install Secalot Control Panel for your operating system.

Navigate to the “Update” tab of the Secalot Control panel app. There you can see version information of system components currently installed on a device. If you want to update the device, click the “Select Firmware Image” button and open the .bin file of the firmware update image you want to load. Version information of the selected image will be displayed.

Note the “Erase file system” checkbox. When you update the firmware you can optionally completely wipe out the device, removing all user data that might be present on it. If you want to do so, tick the checkbox. Please note that erasing the file system is irreversible, you lose all user information stored on the device.
For some firmware updates scenarios, it is not possible to perform an update without erasing the file system. If this is the case, and the “Erase file system” checkbox is not ticked, a pop-up will appear prompting to tick it. In this case, you should evaluate if you want to proceed with an update losing all the user info, or if you prefer to stay with the current firmware version.

It is only possible to update to the current or newer firmware versions, downgrades are not possible.