Secalot acts as a U2F security key. Universal 2nd Factor is a new open two-factor authentication standard. U2F incorporates strong cryptography, it is more secure than one time passwords and easier to use too.

To log in to websites that support U2F just register your device with a website and inserts it and press the U2F touch button on top of the device when prompted. Secalot supports being registered with an unlimited number of websites simultaneously.

An incomplete list of websites currently supporting U2F: Google, Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Nextcloud.

For instructions on how to setup Secalot with individual websites please refer to their help portals. For example, use this link for Google and this link for Facebook.

At the moment the following browsers support U2F:

  • Google Chrome since version 38
  • Firefox since version 57. For earlier Firefox versions you can use the following plugin.
  • Opera since version 40.

Here are some examples of applications supporting U2F:
Fidobooster allows to login to Windows operating systems using a U2F key.
Dashlane password manager supports U2F in its premium version.