Secalot is a secure hardware XRP wallet. All cryptographic keys are stored inside the device without a possibility to read them out. When you make a transaction, all the needed data is passed to the device, Secalot signs it and outputs the signature.

Before using Secalot as a hardware XRP wallet, please complete the general setup instructions for your operating system, as described here.

Initializing a wallet is done with the Secalot Control Panel GUI or command line applications (version 1.4 and up).
Once a wallet is initialized, all actions with the wallet can be performed using the popular interface.

Please refer to this article on how to install the Secalot Control Panel for your operating system.

Initialize a wallet

Open Secalot Control Panel and navigate to the “XRP” tab.

You have two options: either create a new wallet or restore a wallet from an XRP secret.
Press the “Create Wallet” button. A pop-up window will appear. Enter your new PIN-code and press “Create Wallet”.

You will be presented with your new wallet’s XRP secret. Please save it in a safe place. You can use it to restore your wallet in case your Secalot device gets stolen or damaged. Please note that if anyone gets access to your secret, he will have access to everything stored on your wallet.

Once you save the XRP secret, press the “OK” button.
Your new wallet is generated.

Operate the wallet

To operate the wallet, head to Please open the website in Chrome, Opera, or another Chromium-based browser.

Use the intuitive interface to sign XRP payments, escrows, trust lines, account settings and more. New features are added regularly.

As an example, let’s look at how to sign a payment transaction with XRP Toolkit and Secalot.

Choose Secalot in the “Choose Wallet” section, enter your PIN-code and press the “Connect To Secalot Device” button.

Click on “Payments” at the left of the screen and fill the “Destination” and “Amount (XRP)” fields of your payment. Press the “Send Payment” button.

A pop-up will appear. If everything is correct, press the “Send” button.

Another pop-up will be shown, prompting you to confirm transaction signing on your Secalot with a press of a touch button.

After a touch button confirmation, the transaction is sent.

You can use the Secalot RemoteScreen mobile phone app for iOS and Android to view contents of XRP transactions that are being signed by Secalot. Please refer to this article on how to use it.