Your all-in-one digital security companion

Secalot is a small USB dongle that packs a wide range of features:

Hardware cryptocurrency wallet

OpenPGP smart card

U2F authenticator

One-time password generator

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General features

Software and hardware are fully open sourced.

Utilizes a secure microcontroller with a high-performance cryptographic co-processor.

Works on all major operating systems – Windows, macOS, and Linux. No specialized drivers necessary.

Secalot firmware can be manually updated. New firmware binary images are made available on the Downloads page.

Hardware cryptocurrency wallet

Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and XRP.

Securely stores your wallet credentials on the device.

PIN-code protected.

Confirm transactions with a touch button press on the device.

Hierarchical deterministic wallet. Can be restored with a Bip39 passphrase.

Bitcoin wallet supports P2PKH, P2SH, and segWit transactions and integrates with the popular Electrum wallet.

Integration with the most widely used Ethereum wallet – MyEtherWallet.

Integration with the XRP Toolkit wallet.

Secalot RemoteScreen

View all transaction details with Secalot’s mobile app.

For both Bitcoin and Ethereum

The app communicates with the Secalot device over a secure SSL/TLS channel.

Private keys never leave the device.

OpenPGP smart card

Securely stores your cryptographic keys on the device.

Email signing and encryption with GnuPG.

File encryption.

Secure OS logon.

Integrates with lots of applications with the help of the OpenSC PKCS#11 driver.

SSH authentication.

VPN access.

U2F authenticator

Securely log in to websites supporting the standard, like all Google services, Facebook, GitHub and more.

You type your password, insert Secalot and press a touch button on the device.

Supports being registered with an unlimited number of websites.

One-time password generator

Secalot acts as a USB keyboard, typing in your one-time password upon a touch button press.

Securely login to a wide range of websites like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Wordpress.

Fully compatible with the Google Authenticator app.

Works with secure password managers.

Supports time-based and counter based one-time passwords.